Intimate Expectations

If I asked you to place your hands on my hips, would you take it a step further and wrap them around my waist. Would you hold me tight and pull me close? Place your chin on my shoulder and caress my neck with your lips. Whisper in my ear and put me in a … Continue reading Intimate Expectations

Cranky Old Man

Hey Loves! This poem was presented to me at work by one of my physicians. Being that we are in the medical field this touched us both. I found it to be very sad as often times people are overlooked. Especially, elderly people. Take some time to read the poem below and leave your thoughts … Continue reading Cranky Old Man

Melanin Magic

You're very beautiful to be a dark-skinned girl, they say. Umm....What does that mean exactly?! Why can't I just be a pretty or beautiful woman?  I'm sure I am not the only person of my same complexion that has heard this statement before. Now, I'm not going to lie as a younger woman (high school … Continue reading Melanin Magic