2008... One of the worst years of my life to date. A part of me left this world and will never come back. Ever since then things began to spiral out of control. One minute I'm angry & the next I am confused. Emotions everywhere. I literally felt my world starting to crumble. Months go … Continue reading Tori

Disappointment is Inevitable

You constantly seek for a place in my world but honestly I ask myself do you even deserve to be in it--anymore. There's a saying that says: "The best way to avoid disappointment is NOT to expect anything from anyone" How do you avoid not expecting something from someone you're suppose to rely on and … Continue reading Disappointment is Inevitable

New Year, No Resolutions

We get caught up in the routine of setting New Year Resolutions year after year after year. Resolutions that we either don't start, give up before trying, or quit after the first week or so. So this year I told myself that I will not make a New Year resolution. Instead I chose a word, … Continue reading New Year, No Resolutions

Blogmas Day 4: How to Get in the Christmas Spirit🎄

If you're at all like me, at some point of the holiday season your spirit has diminished for whatever reason. I am honestly currently struggling with this right now but its nothing new. Its something I struggle with every year. I promise, I'm not the Grinch. Every year I have to think back on all … Continue reading Blogmas Day 4: How to Get in the Christmas Spirit🎄

Cultural Crawl DC 2018

I'm so late on this review but here itis...FINALLY! On September 22, 2018 I went to an event called the Cultural Crawl in Washington, DC. down on U street. I have been to this even once before and had a blast. This time was definitely no different. In case you are wondering, Cultural Crawl is … Continue reading Cultural Crawl DC 2018