Where Do We Go From Here?

Its been years now... So much time has passed us by, I'm beginning to ask "what are we doing here?"  It all started from nothing but one day a seed was planted. Over time, that seed flourished into something great... A bond that grew into a friendship, a friendship that grew into a confidant, a confidant … Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here?

Day 3: Holiday Bucket List

The holiday season doesn't get any easier, however, I always feel like I could and should be doing some activities to be more involved in the winter holiday. There are so many things during the holidays that I could partake in but--I DON'T! 😦 So this year, thanks to Blogmas, I have come up with … Continue reading Day 3: Holiday Bucket List

Child at Heart-Movies

If you know me personally, you know very well that I am a true big kid at heart! I love animated movies, cartoons, etc. If I see a bouncy house, i'm gong for it without a doubt! I have no shame.*insert shrug emoji* Now just because I am kid at heart, I do still realize … Continue reading Child at Heart-Movies

Failure is Not the End

"Embrace failure. Missteps & Roadblocks are inevitable but are ultimately an opportunity to LEARN, PIVOT, and go after your goals with a new perspective". -Jenny Fleiss Life is never, always sunshine and butterflies. Its also full of natural disasters and tragedy. We are constantly faced with failures & are always learning how to overcome them. … Continue reading Failure is Not the End