Intimate Expectations

If I asked you to place your hands on my hips, would you take it a step further and wrap them around my waist. Would you hold me tight and pull me close? Place your chin on my shoulder and caress my neck with your lips. Whisper in my ear and put me in a … Continue reading Intimate Expectations

Thanksgiving Just Wasn’t The Same

Normally Thanksgiving for my family consisted of all my family under one roof . Watching TV (mostly football), laughing, drinking, playing games etc. All while my aunt threw down in the kitchen making her mac & cheese, yummy potato salad and her famous fried chicken. Of course amongst other things. Without fail, there was always … Continue reading Thanksgiving Just Wasn’t The Same

Guilty Pleasure

You were never mine from the beginning, but why the hell was it so damn hard for me to just let you go? We never ended up getting together but why does it seem like I couldn't even walk away from you?  You were my light in the dark. The reason I looked at my … Continue reading Guilty Pleasure

Cranky Old Man

Hey Loves! This poem was presented to me at work by one of my physicians. Being that we are in the medical field this touched us both. I found it to be very sad as often times people are overlooked. Especially, elderly people. Take some time to read the poem below and leave your thoughts … Continue reading Cranky Old Man

Accept Yourself, Love Yourself!

There is nothing more important than loving the person you are. Below is a clip of a video I came across. I loved the message it gave and wanted to share.   Accept yourself, Love Yourself. To view the whole video click here.   Be sure to follow me on other social media platforms like … Continue reading Accept Yourself, Love Yourself!