Where Do We Go From Here?

Its been years now... So much time has passed us by, I'm beginning to ask "what are we doing here?"  It all started from nothing but one day a seed was planted. Over time, that seed flourished into something great... A bond that grew into a friendship, a friendship that grew into a confidant, a confidant … Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here?

And Then We Were Strangers

For the past couple months, there hasn't been a day that you don't come across my mind. I sit and think about all the good times we had and great memories we made. There are times where I'm lacking that and feel you would fit perfect in that void that wants to be filled. Now … Continue reading And Then We Were Strangers

Journey of a Friendship

There's this girl and we've been friends for as long as I can remember. Tee-ball days maybe. Our love for softball brought us together for the long haul. We've had our troubles but a true friendship never dies.   Let me take you on a little journey... Kids: We originally met (that I can remember) … Continue reading Journey of a Friendship