2008... One of the worst years of my life to date. A part of me left this world and will never come back. Ever since then things began to spiral out of control. One minute I'm angry & the next I am confused. Emotions everywhere. I literally felt my world starting to crumble. Months go … Continue reading Tori

Blogmas Day 4: How to Get in the Christmas Spirit🎄

If you're at all like me, at some point of the holiday season your spirit has diminished for whatever reason. I am honestly currently struggling with this right now but its nothing new. Its something I struggle with every year. I promise, I'm not the Grinch. Every year I have to think back on all … Continue reading Blogmas Day 4: How to Get in the Christmas Spirit🎄

On the First Day of Blogmas

Can you believe we are already in December?! Time is truly flying & getting the best of me. Whew, I'm sure I'm not the only I? Anyway, this is my first December with my blog, so I decided to participate in Blogmas🎄. Many people have probably been planning for blogmas for months, heck maybe even … Continue reading On the First Day of Blogmas

Thanksgiving Just Wasn’t The Same

Normally Thanksgiving for my family consisted of all my family under one roof . Watching TV (mostly football), laughing, drinking, playing games etc. All while my aunt threw down in the kitchen making her mac & cheese, yummy potato salad and her famous fried chicken. Of course amongst other things. Without fail, there was always … Continue reading Thanksgiving Just Wasn’t The Same

Journey of a Friendship

There's this girl and we've been friends for as long as I can remember. Tee-ball days maybe. Our love for softball brought us together for the long haul. We've had our troubles but a true friendship never dies.   Let me take you on a little journey... Kids: We originally met (that I can remember) … Continue reading Journey of a Friendship