Intimate Expectations

If I asked you to place your hands on my hips, would you take it a step further and wrap them around my waist. Would you hold me tight and pull me close? Place your chin on my shoulder and caress my neck with your lips. Whisper in my ear and put me in a … Continue reading Intimate Expectations


2008... One of the worst years of my life to date. A part of me left this world and will never come back. Ever since then things began to spiral out of control. One minute I'm angry & the next I am confused. Emotions everywhere. I literally felt my world starting to crumble. Months go … Continue reading Tori

Where Do We Go From Here?

Its been years now... So much time has passed us by, I'm beginning to ask "what are we doing here?"  It all started from nothing but one day a seed was planted. Over time, that seed flourished into something great... A bond that grew into a friendship, a friendship that grew into a confidant, a confidant … Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here?

Disappointment is Inevitable

You constantly seek for a place in my world but honestly I ask myself do you even deserve to be in it--anymore. There's a saying that says: "The best way to avoid disappointment is NOT to expect anything from anyone" How do you avoid not expecting something from someone you're suppose to rely on and … Continue reading Disappointment is Inevitable

Passport Sunday: 618 Cocktail & Whiskey Lounge

Alright y'all, I'm slacking and a week behind on this post right here but that's neither here nor there. Let get into it... Since Passport Sunday may not happen this week(end), I wanted to come to you guys and share my experience at the 618 Cocktail & Whiskey Lounge (formerly The Penny Whisky Bar) If … Continue reading Passport Sunday: 618 Cocktail & Whiskey Lounge