I’m hesitant…Should I be?

Ever sat and wrote a great post but was hesitant to publish it? Yeah, that is where I am with one of my post. Honestly, it’s not just one post, there are more post then I can probably count that I haven't even written that I want to. There is a part of me that … Continue reading I’m hesitant…Should I be?

The Passport Program: Passport Sunday

Recently I came across an Instagram page called The Passport Program. As I was scrolling through their page, I became more and more interested in what this program was about. So like any normal person,  I went straight to the website. Browsing through the website, I learned that the Passport Program has been around for 6 years … Continue reading The Passport Program: Passport Sunday

Can Exes Be Friends?

  Ask yourself this... Were you friends in the beginning? Did you start as friends or try to become friends during the process? I always TRY to build a friendship with those I involve myself with especially someone that I see myself with for an extended period of time. I feel that it helps with … Continue reading Can Exes Be Friends?

Year of You Vox Box!!!!

I joined Influenster a while back but let me be honest, I wasn't so active within the app. More so because I just didn't put in the time or effort. I started getting into it more a little before I launched my blog website and Instagram. What is Influenster? -Influenster is like a shopping companion … Continue reading Year of You Vox Box!!!!

Love vs. Cheating

There are many levels to cheating and everyone has their OWN definition of it. Regardless of what you consider cheating, people do it all the time. Most times they are doing it to someone they "love" the most. That in no way makes it right but it happens, whether we like it or not. People … Continue reading Love vs. Cheating