Who is Jones?

14624242_701491883360708_8660455927775756288_n(1)We all have one life, lets live it!

I’m Jones and I am the woman behind these words. I guess this is the point where I tell you a little about myself, right?! Well this is awkward, lol. I’m a pretty private person in real life. I’m sure at this moment you’re thinking, But Jones you have a blog“.  Yeah, well about that. This blog is me stepping outside of my norm and sharing with you all who I am. Outside of that, I am a Medical Assistant soon to be RN by day and blogger whenever I get the chance. I am the mommy to a cute little four legged fur baby named Roxy. She’s my everything right now 🙂 I also love music, tattoos & piercings, trying new things, seeing new places, and most importantly my family/friends as I would be nowhere without them.

As you can see I am your everyday girl just like the next. My experiences make me who I am but does not change the fact that I am still human like the rest.

I’m pretty spontaneous outside of my blog which makes for some interesting times, so i figure why not bring that same energy here.

Lots of love,

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