Where Do We Go From Here?

Its been years now…

So much time has passed us by, I’m beginning to ask “what are we doing here?” 

It all started from nothing but one day a seed was planted.

Over time, that seed flourished into something great…

A bond that grew into a friendship, a friendship that grew into a confidant, a confidant that grew into a companion.

God has a way of putting certain people in your life for a reason and not just a season.

I believe this to be true.

We’ve invested time that we’ve never cared to give to anyone else.

At this point, I wouldn’t dare.

When this all started, I was a brick wall. A two way mirror. You knew there was a true person on the other side but you just couldn’t get to her.

Did you give up…NO!

You stuck around.

Unlike many others, you were patient. You didn’t pry. You let me be me.

You allowed me to show you who I was on my own terms. That was IMPORTANT.

After a while…

The bricks began to fall.

That light on the mirror turned on and you finally saw…ME.

It wasn’t long before it all just came so natural.

I no longer thought about what I didn’t want you to know, I began to wonder “what else can I share“.

Transparency is hard and it became a big thing.

Without even realizing , it came so easy to do. Who would’ve thought?

You spend so much time with someone, you’re bound to learn more than you realized.

You begin to feel things that weren’t there before.

You start to wonder what’s next.

We have this bond & this friendship. We can confide in one another and have built this companionship unlike any other.

So now I ask….

Where do we go from here?

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13 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Being transparent is hard for me no matter how long I have known someone. This was deep because to be transparent should equate to a level of freedom but we all build a wall and block out anything that makes us vulnerable. I loved reading this. Love and light

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