Disappointment is Inevitable

You constantly seek for a place in my world but honestly I ask myself do you even deserve to be in it–anymore.

There’s a saying that says:

“The best way to avoid disappointment is NOT to expect anything from anyone”

How do you avoid not expecting something from someone you’re suppose to rely on and trust? You can’t! You’re supposed to “expect” things from the person you are involved with–relationship, married or indifferent. You are “expected” to do certain things…take out trash, clean, pay a bill, whatever. You’re expected to do those things because it’s common sense and you’re both adults.

The problem is that the people you care about are the very people who disappoints you in the worst way. That disappointment cuts deep and it’s hard to come back from. It’s like a break in trust in some form.

Disappointment is inevitable. Its how you let it affect you. We are all going to face disappointment at one point or another. Question is–How much disappointment are you going to allow from a person?! Constantly accepting it from a person time and time again is only hurting yourself…myself!

I’ve allowed you to disappointment me one too many times than I’d like to admit to. More than enough times than I’m comfortable with.

I posted on my Instagram recently and it read:

I’m at my most selfish point in life. I have to take care of me right now.

The line has been crossed to where I’m not sure I’m willing to put THAT type of trust in you again. I’ve been personally affected by it deeply one too many times. This time was the last time. I know I will get disappointed by someone else somewhere down the line–when that time comes I will deal with it accordingly. But I have to deal with the right now and this is where I stand.

Show me I should feel otherwise and maybe I’ll reconsider. No promises!

We’ve all been disappointed at some point in our life. How did you deal with it coming from someone close? (i.e. significant other, a friend, etc) How did you decide enough was enough?

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12 thoughts on “Disappointment is Inevitable

  1. I’m with you girl! I’m not the one to continue to allow someone to continuously disappoint me. Because I love myself, and my peace is extremely important to me, I will cut that person/thing out of my completely before I allow them/it to drain me. I’m happy you are allowing yourself to be selfish girl! Good for you!


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  2. In every relationship you have to set both standards and boundaries. When you are clear and firm on both of these; the other person will either choose to meet them or not and you have to be willing to move on when they do not value either.

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  3. Dealing with disappointment is always difficulty, and I have definitely learned to adjust (lower) my expectations. It is helpful to let others teach me what to expect from them.

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    1. It looks like my original comment didn’t post, but it’s important to set standards and boundaries that you expect from a relationship. If the other person doesn’t respect those boundaries or meet your non-negotiable standards, then you have to be willing to end that relationship.

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