The Passport Program: Passport Sunday

img_0070Recently I came across an Instagram page called The Passport Program. As I was scrolling through their page, I became more and more interested in what this program was about. So like any normal person,  I went straight to the website.

Browsing through the website, I learned that the Passport Program has been around for 6 years so far. It is a program that encourages people to go out an explore different food and beverages in multiple cities, mine being Washington, D.C.

I decided to go ahead a purchase one of the passports for Washington D.C. Once shipped I received it in 2 days—happy me 🙂 Before I forget, I purchased the passport for $15 but it is online for $19.99 ($20). I had a code which dropped the price.

The passport for Washington, D.C. features about 44 different establishments to venture off to and explore. 2-for-1 beverages at EACH location. Not to mention, access to pop-ups, giveaways and private events & parties.

Sounds good, right? I thought so too. So let’s get into my journey using the passport and where it led me.

Sunday (2/24), I wanted to go to brunch. I did not want to go by myself so I was about to really talk myself out of going. Yes, I do this a lot. I miss out on a lot of events, activities and fun times because I don’t want to go alone. But who really wants to go to a brunch by themselves. To me brunch is a vibe, one I like to share with others. Well, this wasn’t the case this time…. I got up, got dressed, and moseyed my way to the city to have brunch BY MYSELF!!! 

My first stop was: Barrel DC

Barrel 613 Pennsylvania Ave, SE Washington, DC

I literally chose this place for the description alone…

Rustic whiskey lounge featuring a modest menu of Southern small plates, Sunday brunch & a cozy feel.”

If you don’t know, I ❤ me some whiskey and to add “Southern small plates “, I was SOLD.

So their brunch menu has about 12 entrees’ on it ranging in price anywhere between $14.00-$21.00. The have a good variety of drinks from cocktails to your bottomless mimosas! Who doesn’t love a good bottomless mimosa?

Brunch Food
Photo Credit:
Chicken & Waffles @ Barrel

Among all the delicious items they had on their brunch menu to choose from, I decided to keep it simple as I went with the Chicken & Waffles. I was like, how can you mess up Chicken & Waffles, LOL.

They did not fail me as the chicken and waffles was pretty good. I do, however, wish they gave the full waffle and not just half. But I at it anyway, I definitely enjoyed it and was pretty full from it so I guess the extra waffle wasn’t needed. Maybe I was just being greedy. *shrugs*

Although the entree was NOT a part of The Passport Program, the signature cocktails and Milk Punch were. (drinks vary by locations) More specific on the cocktail, it was the “Underage Drinker “. The look of the drink alone was great the taste and flavors of the drink for me meshed pretty well. It was a little on the bitter side due to the grapefruit but all together is was good and I could definitely taste the bourbon—-just the way I like it!

Underage Drinker
Drink Pictured: Underage Drinker

All -in-all I really enjoyed my time at the Barrel Restaurant in DC. The description of the place served it well. They have a wide range and variety of Whiskey, the rustic cozy feel of the place definitely made it easier to have brunch alone. The overall vibe of this place was great. I would definitely go back. Hopefully with some friends next time but if not, I see this as a place I would visit again alone.

I didn’t want to overdo it with a super long post so stay tuned for Part 2 of “Passport Sunday” to see where else I visited on my journey.

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11 thoughts on “The Passport Program: Passport Sunday

  1. Ooohh that sounds awesome and I’m ready to read the next post on what you discovered next. I may even pick one of these up for myself. I love finding new places to have some food and a few drinkies. Thanks for linking this post with us at #OMHGWW!


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