Year of You Vox Box!!!!

I joined Influenster a while back but let me be honest, I wasn’t so active within the app. More so because I just didn’t put in the time or effort. I started getting into it more a little before I launched my blog website and Instagram.

What is Influenster?

Influenster is like a shopping companion where you can discover real reviews on products you’ve always wanted to try & exclusive deals. Its also a place where you have the chance to receive FREE products for honest reviews.

That is where my vox box comes into play. I was sent a box of #complimentary products in exchange for my HONEST review on everything that came in the box. I was so excited and shocked when I learned that I was actually going to receive one. I almost didn’t think it was real, lol.

I guess going back to the app and becoming active within the app really paid off 🙂

So the theme of the box that I received was the #Yearofyou vox box. Inside of the box consisted of the following complimentary products:

#yearofyou Vox Box by Influenster

Clicking on the links above will give you access to my true and honest review about each of the products I received.

Vox Box Info Card

Classico Organics Pasta Sauce
KISS Triple Push-up Collection
Suave Dry Spray

The Vox Box itself came pretty fast after receiving my “You’re In” email (about 2 days) . I must say I throughly enjoyed my first vox box. So my fingers are definitely crossed in hopes to receive more in the future.

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If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Influenster family be sure to click the hyperlink below:

Influenster Link

Set up is simple and it’s super easy to get started.

Disclaimer: ALL products listed and shown were free in exchange for my honest review! I DO NOT get compensated for your click to the link. I am simply just sharing my invite link.

8 thoughts on “Year of You Vox Box!!!!

  1. I’ve been thinking about signing up for this, but I feel like I have soooo many things already and don’t want to turn into a hoarder lol. I’m torn =-( but will definitely check out the site.

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