Day 3: Holiday Bucket List


The holiday season doesn’t get any easier, however, I always feel like I could and should be doing some activities to be more involved in the winter holiday. There are so many things during the holidays that I could partake in but–I DON’T! 😦

So this year, thanks to Blogmas, I have come up with a Winter Holiday Bucket List. Hopefully I get the chance to check some things off of it this holiday season, fingers crossed.


2018 Holiday Bucket List

  • Go Ice SkatingIce Skate on WhatsApp 2.17
  • See the Christmas Tree in New York 🎄
  • Go to a Onesie Party/Event
  • Participate in Blogmas
  • Do 1 DIY Christmas Project
  • Binge Watch Christmas Movies on Netflix Popcorn on Apple iOS 12.1
  • Go to Christmas Pop Up Bar
  • Go see the Holiday Lights
  • Build a snowman Snowman on Apple iOS 12.1
  • Go snow tubing/sledding
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Donate (clothes, toys, money, etc)


So there you have it my Holiday Bucket List. It seems pretty practical, so lets see how much I can check off this list between now and January 1st–no pressure.

What are some activities or things you’d like to do this winter holiday?


Until Next Time,


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18 thoughts on “Day 3: Holiday Bucket List

  1. I have yet to go tubing but really want to. My girls are getting old enough to embark on this adventure so as soon as we get snow again in the mountains out here in Southern California we are going! Thanks for linking up too #BlogmasLinky

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    1. Thanks for having me 🙂 I haven’t been tubing either but I definitely want to go. I love the snow and adventurous things so Its a must. I’m sure your girls would love it as well.


  2. Love the list! This is a good idea! I tend to do some family oriented holiday activities every year but I should def add to my list! Hope you get around to them all 🤗

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