Day 2: 21 Ideas for Blogmas

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I knew when deciding to participate in Blogmas this year for the first time it was going to be a HUGE challenge for me. For me though, I like a good challenge so I figured it was going to be a fun one if anything. 

If you’re like me and planned to do blogmas at the very last minute–literally, I’m sure coming up with ideas were mind boggling. When I first started on the list I was struggling a bit but once I got started the ideas seemed to just flow.

So to help, I came up with a small list of ideas that could aid in making blogmas a little easier for others who decided late like myself. Now, that doesn’t mean that the bloggers who have planned this for months to a year won’t benefit either. So scroll down to check out my list below and I hope its helps!!

21 Ideas for Blogmas 2018


  1. On the First day of Blogmas
  2. List of blogmas Ideas
  3. Holiday bucket list
  4. The Christmas Tag
  5. Christmas wish list
  6. How to get in the holiday spirit
  7. Your Christmas tree
  8. Ways to give back for the holiday season
  9. A letter to yourself about the year
  10. Christmas Giveaway
  11. Holidates (date ideas for the holiday)
  12. Christmas interview (blogger, family, friend))
  13. Christmas Jokes
  14. Christmas poem
  15. Events happening in my area for the holiday
  16. Christmas cocktails
  17. New Years Resolutions
  18. Last minute gift ideas
  19. Christmas Eve box ideas
  20. Christmas Eve traditions
  21. Christmas Day!!


Do you have any Blogmas Ideas?! Feel free to share. Participating in blogmas? Leave a link and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Please let me know if you like any of these Blogmas ideas — I’d love to read your posts!

Until next time loves,



16 thoughts on “Day 2: 21 Ideas for Blogmas

  1. These are great ideas, especially for new bloggers such as myself. I think coming up with the writing topic is a challenge for me. This would definitely aid in the process. I am sure Blogmas requires a lot time.

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  2. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas! I’m not participating in Blogmas this year, but I’ll be giving Blogmas (and Blogtober) a try next year, so this list just got bookmarked!

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  3. Such great ideas! I love your creative spin on it. I would have to say how to get in the Christmas spirit and New Year resolutions are my favorites. I’m not participating this time (didn’t know about it), but it sounds fun! Happy blogging!

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