On the First Day of Blogmas

Can you believe we are already in December?! Time is truly flying & getting the best of me. Whew, I’m sure I’m not the only one….am I? Anyway, this is my first December with my blog, so I decided to participate in Blogmas🎄.

Many people have probably been planning for blogmas for months, heck maybe even since last year. Me on the other hand I decided literally December 1st, smh. 

What is Blogmas?

I kept hearing people mention blogmas in the blogging community and I’ve always wondered what it was. 

Blogmas is what bloggers participate in during the Christmas Holiday season. Posting something Christmas related for the first twelve days, 24/25 days or for the entire 31 days of December. 

I decided to participate in blogmas up until Christmas day. I figured for myself, doing the full 31 days would be way out of my league being my first time. I mean lets be honest, I don’t have the best discipline when it comes to consistency with my blog on a regular. So this will truly be a challenge.

So to all those who are participating in Blogmas or even Vlogmas this year, I wish you all the best of luck. I look forward to seeing how others celebrate for the holidays. 

Merry Blogmas 🎄

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