Journey of a Friendship

There’s this girl and we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember. Tee-ball days maybe. Our love for softball brought us together for the long haul. We’ve had our troubles but a true friendship never dies.


Let me take you on a little journey…


We originally met (that I can remember) on the softball field of Ruritan Field at the beginning season of tee-ball. We had to be about 5-6 years old. As you can imagine as kids we instantly connected. It took nothing to make friends back then.  We’ve played on the same team, year after year. Never separated & never played on a team against each other. Continuously building a bond that would forever last.


High School:

We are on the same softball team once again, lol. We’ve both joined band and marching band. She played Saxophone and I played Clarinet. I loved it at first but once I put my hands or a Sax I was sold. Never wanted to go back and I don’t think I did. Anyway, by this time our families have become one. I was apart of her family as she was mine. Neither of us got treated any differently than the other. We were family, PERIOD! 🙂


Lets fast forward to….


Of course you can imagine, by the first parts of this, we went to the same exact college. Yup, you heard correctly. Same elementary, same middle school, same high school, and same college. Unfortunately, college for us wasn’t the best time. Our friendship went completely down hill, pretty much non existent. There were time in college I felt that my friend just wasn’t there at the most needed times. With that, I became very angry & closed off towards her. I began to ignore her calls, text, any form of communication. I won’t go into the deep details but lets just say we finished college without a friendship. 😦


After College:

Still no friendship but my anger had diminished. I no longer had a grudge to hold because so much time had passed. Holding grudges isn’t something i normally do so to continue to hold one after years had passed made no sense to me. I had forgiven whether she knew it or not and that brought me piece. By this time….

She had moved…

Eventually, we began communicating with each other again. It took a little communication to regain what we had, of course. We were back like we never dropped off in no time. We went to texting & calling each other more often than not. Played catch up because of course with years that have passed we have missed some vital moments in each others lives. 



We are still thick as thieves just like were back in the day. We now see each other for brunch about every other week and talk constantly. I don’t believe there is anything that could really tear us apart for good. She my boo, one of my best friends in life. That will never change. 

Oh did I mention we live now in the same city, lol. Looks like life doesn’t have us very far from each other, ever. 


I write this post to say this. Every relationship or friendship has its issues. They even have their own seasons. Apparently, my friendship with this person had its good, bad, ugly, and great seasons. I’m just thankful that I didn’t fully lose a good genuine person as a friend. Instead we took that time away to pursue our lives and grow as individuals. We were fortunate enough to have been brought back to each other. Better now, than ever. She can call me for anything in the world and I got her, no questions asked. She ask for my opinion and she knows the truth will come with it.


True friends and genuine people are hard to come by in life, especially as an adult. Hold on to those you have and the ones who aren’t there for some dumb reason, if its someone that you still feel should be apart of your life but ya’ll haven’t talked, all its takes is a “hello or hi” from there the rest is up to what you guys build or don’t. 

Jones & Trina
“A friendship that can cease was never real to begin with.”

Until next time loves 

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