September Monthly Goal Update

Time for an Update

Hey y’all, Hey! So back in September I started listing at least five (5) goals that I wanted to accomplish each month. This post is going to be an update on how much I have achieved (or didn’t) during the last 2 months. I feel like I made pretty reasonable goals for both September and October. However, I’m not perfect and life happens so every goal did not get completed. Surprisingly, I did not beat myself up for the ones I didn’t reach. I have a bad habit of doing that.  So lets jump right into it.

First lets take a look at the goals from September…

September Goals:

  1. Practice self-care (more sleep, eat better)
  2. Lose 5-10 pounds
  3. Reach 100 followers on my Instagram for my blog
  4. Apply for school
  5. Go to a show, concert, event, restaurant (new)

Lets see what goals I reached for September (2 months later, smh) LOL


Did I practice self-care?……I tried, I really did but I can’t say I made any real impact with it. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. When I say trouble, I mean it. Like its so bad that I have about 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  Anymore sleep than that I feel like crap! Anyone else out there like this?



5-10 pounds, I lost 5 during the month of September, I gained 2 pounds of it back and then take a look at now (walks to scale)……..ok I’m back. I am still down 5 lbs. Yay me!! Lets keep dropping these pounds! Time to set a new goal.



On to the next….Reach 100 or more followers on IG

Well…..Ya girl reached 100 followers on Instagram in 2 months of blogging (101 to be exact). I was ecstatic.Why you ask? Well, because I finally got out of my own way and I built something from the bottom and its all mine! I know I still have a long way to go but regardless of where it goes and how far it takes me (hopefully far) it will still be MINE! I am proud of that.


Although I haven’t completed the next goal, I have NOT canceled it out. The goal was to apply for school and register for classes. I didn’t do this because I started a new job in September…Whoop Whoop! A benefit with my job is that they will pay for 60% of my school after 6 months of employment. (See how that just dampened my goal, smh). But HELL that’s 60 PERCENT, I CAN WAIT HONEY!



Lastly, go to a show, concert, event, etc. So I don’t believe I went anywhere new but I did go to an event. I went to Cultural Crawl DC on 9/22.  If you haven’t caught my thoughts and review on the event, head over to my Cultrual Crawl DC 2018 blog post NOW!!! What are you waiting for?!



So all-in-all I  would say that I did pretty good in September as far as the goals I set for myself. Now that it’s a new month (November) it’s time to make new goals. BUT FIRST, lets recap October’s goal progress. (STAY TUNED)

Until Next Time Loves 

qk28028 ❤


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4 thoughts on “September Monthly Goal Update

  1. Goals are so important for success. Keep analyzing your goals and change them as necessary to match your daily routine. Keep up the excellent work!
    Latisha 💖

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  2. Congrats on reaching your goals! Pay yourself on the back for what you’ve accomplished because you deserve it!!!! Achievement isn’t solely depending on completely reaching your goals — it includes making progress toward them.

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