#5 Things To Quit

poster-dont-quitDon’t ever quit anything that could carry you to the next level. Don’t ever quit anything that is meant to better you as a person.

If you are going to quit anything in life it should be these five things.


Trying to please everyone

  • You end up not even pleasing the one person that really truly matters—you! Trying to please everyone is a result of fear of rejection or the fear of failure.

Fearing Change:

  • Fear of the unknown!!! Fearing change holds you back from progressing forward. It prevents us from even taking action. People must realize that change is necessary and is a natural course in life..

Living in the Past:

  • Sometimes we live in the past because it is comfortable. Familiar. Living in the past can interfere with one’s current situation or future en devours.

Putting yourself down:

  • Putting yourself down is damaging to your self-esteem and self-confidence both of which are very important. You may do this for several reasons such as insecurities, lack of knowledge of own self worth. If YOU don’t lift YOU up, then who will?!


  • Definition: to think about something too much or for too long.
  • It is natural for us as humans to spend time thinking about how we could’ve done something different, take back something we’ve said etc. We spend more time on the negative thoughts of our actions when the damage the actions caused hasn’t really affected us at all.

(this is one of my biggest down falls personally)


All-in-all just remember…..


REST if you must, just DON’T QUIT!


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16 thoughts on “#5 Things To Quit

    1. Yea, I did that earlier in life. Especially when I was getting ready to start college. I was going to school for my family and what they wanted me to do which set me back for what I really wanted to do. I learned that lesson real fast and haven’t repeated it since. Thanks for reading! ❤

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  1. Well another one that hit everything with me dead on. That overthinking part was one of the major ones. I still struggle with this. I am trying to figure out how to acknowledge what was said or what happened instead of sweeping it under the rug, but also re-focusing my thoughts on solutions and doing more positive things. Very great read. I had to share, tweet, and pin this. I am also following. 💙

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  2. I’ve come along way…I’ve quit a lot of the above. However, I tend to overthink sets in things. Bc I always want to think abt the benefits of everything before I actually make a move on it. But some times, in life, we just gotta make it happen.

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