Child at Heart-Movies

If you know me personally, you know very well that I am a true big kid at heart! I love animated movies, cartoons, etc. If I see a bouncy house, i’m gong for it without a doubt! I have no shame.*insert shrug emoji*

Now just because I am kid at heart, I do still realize that I am not in actual, a kid anymore. I am very much an adult that has responsibilities just like the next adult. The difference that may exist is that I still enjoy somethings from my childhood and I see nothing wrong with that. Who says you can’t have the best of both?! As long as you know how to balance the kid within you and the adult that you are, I say live on!

With that being said I wanted to share apart of that with you today and list some of my favorite kid movies (in no particular order). Check them out below:

1.Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Image result for who framed roger rabbit transparent

2. Lion King

Image result for animated lion king gifs

3. Aladdin

Image result for animated aladdin gifs

4. Beauty & the Beast

Image result for beauty and the beast gif

5. How to Train a Dragon

Image result for how to train a dragon

6. Toy Story

Related image

7. Ratatouille

Image result for ratatouille animated

8. The Princess & the Frog

the princess and the frog disney GIF

9.Emperors New Grove

the emperors new groove GIF

10. Big Hero 6

big hero 6 hug GIF by Disney


I know the post said 10 favorites but I just couldn’t leave out these:

  • Finding Nemo
  • Up
  • The Incredibles

Image result for finding nemo transparent   Image result for Up movie transparent    Image result for the incredibles background


Writing this I’m 95% sure that I have forgotten movies that I probably ADORE but just can’t think of. They will come to me shortly after I publish this post, I can feel it. *insert face palm emoji*


We all have a “little big kid” somewhere deep inside. So what are you guys favorite animated movies?! 


Until next time love ❤




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