Screw the ta-tas, Save the human!

We all know that October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month“. If you are not aware then let me inform you about some things when it comes to breast cancer, early detection, etc.


First, what is breast cancer?


How to lower your risks..


Eating a healthy balanced diet

Maintaining a healthy weight

No smoking

**Just to name a few**


Related image

Early Detection:

Self Breast Exams

Routine Mammograms

Routine Doctor/Clinical Exams


Image result for early detection of breast cancer


*Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

*African American women have the HIGHEST mortality rate from breast cancer.

*Even though it is rare, breast cancer occurs in men

*(So its not just important for women, men need to get checked as well)

*Breast cancer is the second (2nd) leading cause of death among womenRelated image

I just wanted to shine some light on Breast Cancer as it breast cancer and cancer in general has affected people and women in my family. So this is pretty near and dear. If I can help someone…ANYONE bring awareness to themselves it will make me feel good. Take the time to take care of yourself ladies and get checked. The earlier you start the better your chances are of treatment and prevention.


Until next time loves ❤


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