October Goals

Well we have now entered a new month which means NEW GOALS!!! Who wouldn’t be excited about that?! I still need to update you all on my progress from my last set of goals from my “September Goals” post. In the meantime, lets get into these October Goals!


  • Revamp my blog: I feel when I first started “The K Word” I settled on the style, title, etc just so that I could launch it. Now I’m ready to really put some effort into how my blog looks and customize it more to fit me. (lets see what I come up with)


  • Go hiking: something different and out of the box for me but I have ALWAYS wanted to do it. 


  • Try something new (restaurant, bar, food, adventure, etc)


  • Be a little more consistent in my blogging: I’ve been slacking…..PERIOD!


  • Meet up with different bloggers in my city/area for networking, brunch, etc.



  • Complete one post as a vlog…..(pray for me lol) 

Well these are my goals for the month of October. I think they are all achievable for me to complete this month. I have a couple on here this time that will require me to step out of my little box and reach out to some people I don’t know. Wish me luck and keep me motivated!


What are some things you wish to accomplish for the month of October?


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Until next time loves ❤


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