Friend: Do you miss being in a relationship?

Me: Yes i do but for other reasons I do not.

Let Me Explain…

Relationships are by no means easy. They are a lot of work but can be one of the best blessings when you have someone who is worth it to  go through the good and the bad with. To grow with, to love and care for.

I miss being in a relationship for several reasons. I miss the companionship. I miss having someone to love and that truly loves me. Having a best friend, someone to confide in. For those that know me know I find that pretty hard to do but believe it or not I do get to that point.

I also miss being able to be my complete self with someone all the time without being looked at side eyed because they act the same exact way. Someone to make me smile and doing the same for them in return. Being able to grow with someone to the next level, in hopes of creating a great future. Miss the feeling of being wanted.

Now into why I don’t miss being in one….

Besides the obvious of having no drama. Being single gives me the time that I need to  focus on me. Grow into becoming the best version of me that I can. Yes, you can do that with a partner but its more productive and there is nothing like doing it when its just you. You are the only one to blame for your success or failure at that point. Gives me a chance to go back and evaluate what ever lesson were put forth and learn from them. I get to worry about ME!

Sometimes you can get lost in someone. By that I mean, their life, their friends, their family. SHIT just their whole lifestyle. You can get to a point where you lose who you are when you are with someone. That can immediately turn sour. You can’t grow who you are being in that space. You damn sure can’t grown together. I enjoy my sanity and to a point being single gives me that.

As I don’t feel I am currently ready to let someone have a part of me or say that “shes taken”, I highly miss everything I mentioned above. I’m more ready to build a strong friendship with someone, a bond and if that takes me there then so be it. But a relationship with no friendship is dead for me right now.

If you are recently single, what do you miss (or not) about being in a relationship?


Until next time loves



8 thoughts on “…Single

  1. I haven’t been single in a very long time but I get what you are saying. There comes a comfort level you get when you are with someone for a long time the problem with that sometimes is you get complacent and neither of you grows. Relationships are hard and they are a lot of work. But you have it right becuase you know at this point in your life you’re not looking for that instead you’re building the most important relationship you can have other than with God and that’s with yourself

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    1. Exactly. If I’m not growing with you and feel stagnant we gotta find a solution or I need to separate myself. I always have to remember that even in a relationship you still have to take care of yourself.

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  2. Yes relationships (marriage) is work. Many people look and want what the next person have. And dont understand the work of a “true” relationship (marriage). As I’ve told my oldest (she’s 22),,” find yourself before you go and find a man. “

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  3. To be honest I miss being single. Yes I’m glad I have my partner and we support each other but other times I feel I just have gotten so comfortable in this relationship

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  4. Thanks for sharing! I completely agree, there is just something so amazing about taking time to solely focus on yourself and your personal growth. ✨

    ki’ara | kiarashanice.com


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