Main Event Columbia, MD

So I went to Main Event @mymainevent a few weeks back in Columbia, Md. I must say I definitely enjoyed myself. Their staff was very friendly and attentive to everything. It is somewhat similar to the infamous Dave and Busters @daveandbusters but it definitely doesn’t feel like it once you’re inside.

There are many different activities for everyone to partake in such as:

  • arcade games for all ages
  • pool 🎱 tables
  • shuffleboard
  • laser tag
  • bowling 🎳
  • restaurant
  • bar

I did not get a chance to experience all they had to offer during my visit but I did get to have a little fun. I got to enjoy the arcade games mostly but of course most of my time was spent in the restaurant/bar area, which is where the night started. Although their food is of course your typical bar food (pizza, wings, tenders, etc.) it was actually pretty good. They do have other options outside of those just named.  During this visit I tried their Garlic Lemon Pepper wings and the Ultimate Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza both of which were good. The wings were definitely my favorite and will be my go to from now on.

I also tried a few drinks from while there but not all of them are on the menu. The ones from the menu that I did try were pretty good as well. Those were the:

Prickly Pear Margarita (mine)img_5913

  • Long Island Peach Mango Tea (friends)

My drink was DELICIOUS if you ask me! I always love a good margarita and the prickly pear flavor just puts it over the top for me. So if you like tequila, I’d say try it if you ever go. If not there, try it anywhere that may offer it.

I’ll definitely be visiting again and when I do I’ll have to give you guys and update. Maybe next time some pool or laser tag. Hell, why not both *shrug emoji* lol.

Is this place worth a try?  If you have a little kid living somewhere deep down inside you then this is definitely a place to come to unwind, be a kid again (for a moment) and just have FUN!


Until next time 


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