‘Ish Happens


We wake up every single day not knowing what is waiting for us throughout the day. We can be a person who does everything correct but EVERYTHING  we can think of goes wrong. Unfortunately, although that is how we feel that is not the case. Nothing is going wrong, but everything is going right.

You guys wouldn’t believe what monkey wrenches that have been thrown my way these last few months. From multiple car accidents 2 of which occurred in my BRAND NEW CAR, having to buy a new car that I wasn’t ready for, losing a job, plus SO MUCH more.  I am a person who can handle most things that come my way without losing my shit BUT it never fails that once or twice a year everything falls apart all at one time. My whole year minus those moment are probably the best and most positive time(s).

When I feel like my whole world is crashing, I close myself off from everything. I get inside this little bubble and I always find it hard to get out of it. It’s not that I’m having a pity party or look down on myself, it’s just a lot to handle at once. Instead of me taking a step back and re-evaluating some things, I take all the hits and hold on to it all. So much that I become so dark and cold.  I won’t talk to people, including my family.  Having dealt with depression (and still do) it makes it a little harder to bounce back. Ha! what am I saying, it makes it A LOT harder. And don’t say “why don’t you ask for help”. Me asking for help is like pulling teeth and is definitely my LAST resort. Regardless of it all, one thing I won’t do is give up.

Image result for sometimes life is hard

It may take me a while to realize that although my world may be crumbling before my eyes, the only way to go from where I am is UP! Things end, you may lose somethings but its all for a reason and something greater is in the works for you. I may not see it and or feel it at first but when I get to that point, there is no stopping me. Its like I had a conversation with myself and I told myself “Girl, let’s get to work!” 

Everything we go through is only meant to build us up, open up doors for greater opportunities, & to make us a better person than we were the day before.

“What feels like the end is often only the beginning” –KJ

Until next time loves KJ

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