Motivation Monday!!


Happy Monday!  So this week will start my weekly Motivational Monday series. These post are just what it says. It is a way for me to help motivate others who may be in need. Who knows, maybe in the process I’ll motivate myself too along the way.


With that being said, the statement above couldn’t be more true. Motivation and discipline where different still goes hand-in-hand. Motivation is the desire or willingness to do something but can fade away. At that point, all you have left to rely on is self-discipline.  Motivation is what gets you up & running. Discipline drives you to do what you don’t want to do. Discipline is what keeps you going on the right path.

So just remember, motivation is when purpose is discovered. When that motivation evaporates channel your self-discipline to keep going. Work to rediscover your purpose for what ever you are working towards and your motivation will return eventually.

Prime example: I was not motivated at all last week to write, blog, or post on any social media platforms. I had to remember the reason and purpose of why I started this in the first place. Although my following isn’t huge, YET, I had to remember that there are people out there who look forward to my next post. It was hard but I pushed through. No matter how hard it may be to keep pushing forward & remember the reason you started in the first place.

What keeps you pushing forward and motivated?

Until next time loves ❤ 



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