What plucks my LAST nerve?



  1. Loud Eaters
    • this to me is like someone scratching a chalkboard. I can’t stand it. Like it is not that hard to chew with your mouth closed. I do not need to see what you’re having for dinner, Thanks!
  2. Being Ignored
    • Self explanatory. Its annoying and I just don’t like it!
  3. Dirty fingernails
    • I’m not sure where this really stems from BUT if you’re clean so should your nails. I have no problem telling someone their nails are dirty. I just think its so unsanitary.
  4. Dishonesty
    • I mean this one is a given which is why it is not #1. Who likes to be lied to? NO ONE exactly, lol. Just saying.
  5. People who just stare at me
    • I just fee if you can stare you can open your mouth and speak. It will get you a lot farther and will irritate me a lot less.
  6. Attention Seekers
    • Attention will come. You don’t have to go searching for it. 9 times out of 10 when you do its not the attention you wanted so you just wasted good time and effort for nothing. Now you still don’t have attention. LOL
  7. Superficiality
  8. False Promises
    • Save me the time and disappointment, just don’t promise. Say “you’ll try your best”, “I’ll see what I can do”, whatever just don’t say “I  PROMISE”. I rarely say it so I rather you do the same.
  9. Spitting
    • Its just flipping GROSS!! Especially those who spit on the sidewalk. People have to walk there. UGH!
  10. Smokers
    • Never been a fan and don’t plan to start. The smell of it in general and the smell of it on people is the most unattractive. It makes your breath stink, clothes smell, house, car, etc.
  11. Baggy/sagging Jeans on a guy
    • Nobody wants to see your ass walking down the street. Its sloppy looking. You’ll attract better attention with a more put together look
  12. Standing or hovering over top of me
    • I know I’m short but DAMN get from over my shoulder!!


I’ve shared mine, comment below to share yours! What are your pet peeves? What annoys you the most?


Until next time loves ❤ 



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