Melanin Magic


You’re very beautiful to be a dark-skinned girl, they say. Umm….What does that mean exactly?! Why can’t I just be a pretty or beautiful woman? 

I’m sure I am not the only person of my same complexion that has heard this statement before. Now, I’m not going to lie as a younger woman (high school age maybe) I accepted this as a compliment. Why might you ask? Well, let me explain… In my teens, I never felt that I was pretty or beautiful being that I was dark skin. I would look in the mirror and would never see a beautiful being standing in front of me. I was very insecure of my looks, more specifically the color of my skin. I always felt like the outcast or odd ball when it came to others including my own family.  When I did hear that I was pretty it was always ” you’re pretty to be dark skinned”. Then, I accepted as close to a compliment as I could get. Thank GOD for growing up, lol!!

Now, we are in the present day and I must say that I have grown a lot over the years. I no longer just accept “you’re pretty to be dark skin” as a compliment. I no longer say “thank you” to that statement. If I did, I would feel that I agreeing that I’m ONLY beautiful because of the color of my skin but I KNOW BETTER THAN THAT! 


There are so many things about me that make me more than just beautiful because of the color of my skin. I may have bummy days, who doesn’t? I prefer to walk around in sweatpants or tights, tanks/t-shirt, and my Adidas flip flops. Oh, I can’t forget my over sized hoodie if the weather permits :). I don’t wear makeup everyday and when I do it very minimal. Even on those days, I still consider myself beautiful. Why, because I know who I am underneath all those layers. I still have a great heart, a great personality, and have grown very confident in myself. Not to mention, I find myself attractive regardless of what I’m wearing and who tells me otherwise. Now make no mistake, I am NOT perfect by any means. I have my flaws just like everyone else. Yes, I’ve gained weight over the years but who hasn’t. I may have blemishes on my face & stretch marks on my body but who doesn’t! Even with all of that I still feel that I am beautiful and as long as I believe that, that is all that matters. 

With all that being said, although it might have taken me a little while to realize it but I have grown to love myself and everything about me even on my bad days. So to my ladies that may just have a little more melanin in their skin than the next person, remember you are not beautiful ONLY because you are dark skin. You are a beautiful person as a whole! Raise your head high and be proud of the skin you’re in. You got that Melanin Magic  ❤


To ALL girls (African American, Caucasian, Indian and everything in between),

You are beautiful not matter what you think of your reflection! Wear your crown with PRIDE.



Question to readers: What was an insecurity that you overcame or what is an insecurity that you struggle with currently?

Until next read loves ❤  



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17 thoughts on “Melanin Magic

  1. Love, love, love this! People really need to stop putting these unnecessary qualifiers when giving us complements. That’s almost as bad as the “What are you mixed with?” questions. Just show love and keep it moving!

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  2. I was definitely one of those girls that didn’t feel pretty. Heck, I wasn’t even given the compliment of being “pretty to be a dark-skinned girl” lol. I had the acne, the big lips, the “uncool” clothes, and all of that growing up. I think it really just takes time for most of us to grow to love ourselves. There comes a time at some point that you just realize you only get one life and one body. You gotta love it. I don’t want to spend my entire life obsessing over whether or not others think I’m pretty. I have to love me. That’s it! I’m so proud of us women who decide that we love ourselves and we’re not going to allow anyone else’s opinion to affect our own opinion of ourselves.

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  3. Ooh girl.. This was a great post! That “you’re so cute for a darkskinned girl” saying was something I heard so much growing. Even then I knew it was a backhanded compliment because it wasnt said to the other girls around me who weren’t my color. Thank you for sharing this!

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  4. I can definitely identify with having to no longer accept “You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl” as a compliment. I also struggled with accepting my dark skin, but learned to embrace it as well as other parts of myself I wasn’t a fan of. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I’m so glad I grew to learn that it was indeed not a compliment at all. Learned to accept myself as I am and no ones approval was needed.

      You can still write it. I was irritated and typing at the same time. Post it and keep me updated 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing! This was a great read and something I can really identify with. We are beautiful BECAUSE OF the chocolate of our skin.
    Really excited to read your upcoming content! 😀

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    1. You’re welcome! I think this is a relatable topic for a lot of people.I’m glad I get to share my experience and thoughts. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I appreciate it!


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