Failure is Not the End

Embrace failure. Missteps & Roadblocks are inevitable but are ultimately an opportunity to LEARN, PIVOT, and go after your goals with a new perspective”.

-Jenny Fleiss

Life is never, always sunshine and butterflies. Its also full of natural disasters and tragedy. We are constantly faced with failures & are always learning how to overcome them. We fail at everything from the smallest things like diets and New Years resolutions to things that cause a much bigger impact such as employment and relationships. 

The first step of failure is to acknowledge our failure(s). Realize that we have failed at something and accept it no matter the outcome it has given us. This is probably the hardest part in anything, not just with failure. Failure can have a HUGE negative impact on our lives. It is completely up to us on how much we let it affect us. With every set back we must find the opportunities for growth. 


We must let go of the things we can not control and stop holding on the the actual failure itself. As stated before, accept that you’ve failed, gather yourself, and try again. Easier said than done, right?! I know, lol. I struggle with this very thing. I find it hard to accept that I’ve failed initially.  A part of me knows that I’ve failed at something but to accept it is a whole different story. I immediately go back to try and fix what didn’t work instead of taking a step back, evaluating the situation, and then going about it from a different perspective. Accepting my failures is a constant struggle but is also a work in progress. 

It is not about how you fail or what you fail at. It’s more so about whether you get back up and continue to fight towards your goals and dreams. 

Remember, failure is a necessary part of life. It does not mean the END, it is merely the BEGINNING to something greater.


Question to readers: What have you failed at and how did you overcome it to continue to push towards your goals? Comment below 🙂


Until next loves….  ❤





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